Fabric and Lace Play

I'm working on this piece right now.  I missed working with fabric and this is the perfect project to get me going in that direction again.  I have layered muslin, haboti silk and vintage lace pieces and sewed down with a meandering stitch catching as many edges as possible.

Next I added 2 mm silk ribbon.  Here is a photo of my bobbin work with the 2 mm silk ribbon. Its very white right now and sits on top of the lace surface.   I will say it was a learning session for me - I've been intimidated by my sewing machine with anything other than simple sewing. I had to gently rip out and redo this because the first time I wasn't pleased with the tension and how the ribbon laid on the surface - my machine manual wasn't of much help so I googled it and realized it is considered bobbin work - and found a nice website with helpful info on adjusting the tension on the bobbin case, back at it and I'm glad I pursued it. This whole piece will be dyed coming up next.....

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