12 x 12 Fabric Techniques Quilt

When Lenna announced her 12 x 12 fabric techniques swap, I couldn't resist!! There are 40 participants in this swap where we create one 12 x 12 mini quilt using various techniques. My quilt has at least 11 techniques, from fabric paper to using paintsticks on fabric using a stamp rubbing plate as well as ink jet transfers to silk and printing on transparencies and distressing the edges of the transparency by burning it with a candle. The fabric paper I made while visiting my dear friend Patti in NH - and I've saved this fabric paper to use in special projects.



I am working through Kelly Rae Robert's book "Taking Flight". In Chapter 1 you make a journal out of old book covers by collaging, painting & stamping the book covers. This is the front and back covers, I also did two book "pages" that I bound into this book. My dh has named her "Elaina" - I was thrilled to experience that while I painted her, she took on a life of her own and by the end, I let her go to be who she wanted to be!


Charm swap

Oh my, I knew I needed to update my blog, I hadn't remembered how LONG it has been since I've posted. I have a few projects that I should have posted, primative pumpkins and christmas ornaments, but at this point.....I won't go there! I'm participating in Belinda's Charms 2009 swap - it is a 5 for 5 swap and I've made charms in two categories - the beading category and the wire category. The bird's nest charms are inspired by Deryn Mentock's work and I wanted to do some bird's nests with the anticipation of spring! I enjoy working with wire and this swap got me going again!
Here they are all packaged and ready to be mailed off to Belinda!