Of Towers and Turrets

Well the jewelry pieces are made and the resin poured - I had lots of fun finishing up these pieces and learn a lot about torch soldering and working with metal.
The picture in the second to the left is a painting I did from a photo of my daughter Lea as a little girl - all of the images in the jewelry pieces are various "sweet spots" as Sharon calls them from the Towers and Turrets collage that I made and showed in my previous blog post.  The collage was scanned and then various bits and pieces were cropped in Photoshop Elements and I made a collage sheet which I printed out.  Once I had the shape of the bezels, I chose various cropped sections of the collage to put into the bezel and then placed various glitter and tiny pearl embellishments to complete the mini collage piece.  Resin was poured over top to seal it in.  Since these are a bit large for necklace pieces, I'll make pins out of them.  As for the workshop, there is one last project - an open backed bezel piece that I'll be working on within the next couple of weeks.  Thanks for stopping by!