13 Days of Christmas art exchange - Days 11, 12 & 13!

On the 11th day of our exchange came an amazing assemblage created by Linda!  WoW!    
This amazing ornament was wrapped in her hand dyed fabric and I know it will be just right for something in my future projects!  She created the face using polymer clay and used vintage doll legs and arms.  She created the doll's body from a wooden block complete with metal wings and adornments!  Thank you Linda, I think it looks great on my tree!

~ Day 12 ~
Terry made this amazing whimsical bird with what I call "Madeline eyes"!!
Terry used water color paper that she collaged for her birds with an amazing textural background on both sides!!  The eyes give her bird such personality!!   You can visit Terry's blog here!!   Thank you Terry - she makes me smile when I look at her!

~ Day 13 ~
Well by day 13 I have to say, I was sad we were at the end of our amazing exchange - I was getting down-right spoiled each day!  Day 13 brought a package from Pat Winter who is an amazing crazy quilter!  You must check out her blog here!  Pat created the most beautiful Victorian pin - I could also call it a broach!

It is surrounded by the most beautiful lace that is gathered and she did lovely ribbon embroidery embellished with beads and a delicate flower.  The picture is a Victorian ice skate with a bouquet of flowers complete with a pretty silver snow flake.  Thank you Pat, when I wear this at work it always gets attention!!

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