Of Towers & Turrets

I have been doing a wonderful online workshop, Of Towers & Turrets, with two terrific artists, Deryn Mencock and Sharon Tomlinson.  I have long admired Deryn's jewelry and when I saw Sharon's enchanting faces I knew I must do this workshop which they describe as "an exquisite fusion of mixed media and mixed metals".  We were going to create artwork that we would then use in the jewelry that we would design and make creating one of a kind jewelry pieces!  First I needed to create my artwork to use in my jewelry pieces - making a paper collage on canvas I first created my background~
Next I created the towers ~ I stenceled colored cardstock and security envelopes (yes that's correct!) and built my towers on my background ~
then I inserted faces that I painted ~ I had a couple of favorite faces from the past that I wanted to use, one based on a photo of my daughter, Lea as a young girl.  I added embellishments and now I had my collage! ~
Now on to the jewelry making part of this workshop.  I have wanted to learn torch soldering and now finally it would happen.  Our jewelry theme OF COURSE is TOWERS, so using brass & copper sheets we cut our towers and soldered filigree pieces to them.  We also created rivets from silver wire - oh I love it - and made bezels to solder - I have all my pieces cut out and ready to solder bezel to - I have one piece I've done so far to share ~
and more to come...........