13 Days of Christmas art exchange - Days 9 and 10

On the 9th day of our exchange I received an amazing pin from Hope!!  

Hope painted this most beautiful face and surrounded it with pretty little pearl beads and ribbon that she carefully singed the edges of so it would curl just so!  Thank you Hope, I've gotten compliments at work when I wore it!

~ Day 10~
On the 10th day of our exchange I was treated to a beautifully decorated muslin pouch from Terrie that had the number "10" on an old fashioned candle clip for Christmas trees - it adds such a vintage flair to this package.  The muslin was stamped with a Christmas sentiment and stitched up complete with a fabric tree!  Terrie is so very talented - here is her Etsy shop.  Gosh I couldn't wait to open this up!!
It held a beautifully fashioned vintage wooden spool she found on Ebay.  She decorated it with old book text of  children's Christmas Carols.  It was sprinkled with Diamond Dust glitter and she formed a wire loop embellished with glass pearl and a cristal!  It's beautiful and you can read more about it with beautiful photos on her blog!!  Thank you Terrie!

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