"Featherin' Our Nests"

Today I completed my birdhouse for the Habitat for Humanity NW CT Birdhouse Auction.  On 5/30/10 the entire collection will be auctioned off to benefit Habitat for Humanity.  Wooden birdhouses were available to be embellished by local craftsmen, artists and architects to share their imagination and talent for this fundraiser!  The birdhouses could be functional or fantasy.  What fun I had gathering materials inspired by nature to "feather" my birdhouse!
First I covered the birdhouse with birch bark and then I gathered all types of moss, tree trunk growths and lichen as well as young spring sprounts coming up that looked like little mushrooms to create a woodland inspired birdhouse.
This should be a fun event to benefit a worthy cause!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

mary, your bird house is awesome. I love all the natural materials you used to embellish it!
xo lenna

Irish3 said...

Your birdhouse is crazy beautiful!!!! You are so talented!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary , Your birdhouse is really sweet! Love all the natural goodness!