Lea for Taking Flight

As I continue my way through Kelly Rae Robert's workbook, "Taking Flight", I had fun using a childhood picture of my daughter for this painting. The background is a collage of personal note memerobelia and brayered with a wash of paint. The heart is made from paper clay that is covered with lace and painted. I got a bit too happy with the glitter - if anyone knows how to remove glitter from gel medium, I'd love to know - and remove some from the face area!! I was hoping I could flick it off but gel is great for gluing things down!!!


Anonymous said...

i am also working through the book. just finished reading in and now I got to create a few of the projects. This painting is beautiful

Mary Z said...

thank you Bree for taking the time to comment. I hope you are enjoying the "Taking Flight" projects as much as I. It really makes you break through some of your stops!