Taking Flight - Polymer clay dress form project

This is the latest project I have completed from Kelly Rae Robert's "Taking Flight" book. In this chapter, the contributing artist, Laurie Mika does amazing things with polymer clay. It was fun playing with clay and I know I'll play more with it. I also experimented with painted textures and stamping with a plastic cap - they look like bubbles to me! The vintage photo is of my great Aunt Mae who, back in the 1920's was in Broadway plays. I think it was risque to show your knees back then, so she was quite the flirt!!!


Anonymous said...

Mary, This is a fun piece you did with Aunt Mae...What a HOTTIE!! It came out GREAT.I also like to use bubbles! Jo~Ann

Anonymous said...

mary, this is a great piece!!! cool work sista!! love, pattib