12 x 12 Fabric Techniques Quilt

When Lenna announced her 12 x 12 fabric techniques swap, I couldn't resist!! There are 40 participants in this swap where we create one 12 x 12 mini quilt using various techniques. My quilt has at least 11 techniques, from fabric paper to using paintsticks on fabric using a stamp rubbing plate as well as ink jet transfers to silk and printing on transparencies and distressing the edges of the transparency by burning it with a candle. The fabric paper I made while visiting my dear friend Patti in NH - and I've saved this fabric paper to use in special projects.


Lenna Andrews said...

This is really sooooo nice, mary! I am so glad you squeezed this swap into your many projects! I can't wait to hold it in my hands : ) lenna

Patti G. said...

Mary, how stunning and Lenna will love it!!!!!!! YOU did a fabulous job on this and I love the look! WOWZA!!!!!!!!!
P.S. Your emulation of Kelly Rae's technique is super too! I have that book and think her art is amazing!

Laura Krasinski said...

Mary everything you are doing is sooo cool....Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

mary, i LOVE this piece. oh oh i wish i was swapping for this!!! someone is going to be SO happy when they receive it!! i'm getting ready to make some more fabric papers, i have some particular colors etc. in mind, i love the stuff. keep making your beautiful art sweetie! love, pattib